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For some hazardous substances health surveillance is an important required measure to ensure control measures are adequate, early problems are identified and workers' health is protected. 


Lead is a well known poison. Health surveillance organised by the employer is required by law where there is a risk of significant lead exposure. As a general rule, lead health surveillance is advisable:

  • If workers are required to wear respiratory personal protective equipment (PPE) to control lead exposure

  • If workers are at risk of returning blood lead levels of 5 ug/dL or higher due to an occupational source

Ability OPN's occupational physicians are AMPs (appointed medical practitioners). We offer:

  • Assessment on whether health surveillance is required

  • Lead health surveillance including biological monitoring and medical examinations

  • On-site medical examinations

  • Facilitating electronic linkage of results with your preferred pathology provider

  • Online submission of Worksafe health surveillance forms during biological monitoring